Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Vitamin E for Me

I have been meaning to buy my vitamin E again, but whenever I am at the mall, grocery stores, I failed to recall this vitamin. I need to take this vitamin for I noticed that my skin is dry again, and Vitamin E could help a lot to have a healthy skin. Of course, I do eat fruits and vegetable, I used a body lotion after bathing, but those were not enough to get a healthier skin. The other day, I bought a hand and body lotion for dry skin, and it has a milk and honey on it, and I like it. In addition, the fragrance stayed for so long. Anyway, I will take photos of the lotion so you would know what kind of lotion I bought the other day. Back to Vitamin E, I need to go out after this writing for I need to buy a light bulb in the kitchen, and I will see to it that I will drop first at the drug store before heading to the hardware store.