Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Two Essential Services for the New Pet Owner

The first time you adopt a cat or dog, you may wonder just what needs to happen to ensure your new pet's health and happiness. Sure, everybody knows you will need to give the animal food and water and make sure it receives exercise and vet care, but the fine details of pet care are often just assumed to be obvious. If you're a new pet owner, here are two services nearly every pet will probably need at some point in their life.

A Boarding Facility

You never know when a relative out of town will fall ill or your job may request you attend a conference in another city. Who will care for your pet? While some people leave their pet to be looked after by a neighbor, this can be a disaster if your pet grows anxious and begins to destroy the house or bark incessantly. Sign up with a boarding facility nearby after you take a tour to verify you like the place. That way, you are already on file as a client if you suddenly need to board your pet.

A Groomer

Even if you're comfortable scrubbing Fido down in the bathtub or clipping Mr Paws' claws, you will still want to take you pet to be groomed at least once so he or she will be comfortable with it should it become necessary. For example, if you are ever hurt or need surgery, your pet should be comfortable with someone else doing the grooming sometimes. You can learn more about groomers in your area by reading reviews online. Some will also allow you to watch, which can help lower your pet's anxiety.

A good boarding facility and groomer are excellent resources to have in your back pocket. If you're new to the pet scene, make sure you have these folks available in case you need them.