Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fitness Center in the Neighborhood

How and Why You Should Switch Up Your Fitness Routine

Many people who begin a fitness regimen become bored, burned out, or hit a wall and then end up stopping before they are able to see any real results. In order to stay motivated and wanting to keep going back to the gym, it’s important to switch up your routine every once in a while. Not only will making a few changes keep you from getting board, but it can also help you see an increase of results. The following are some reasons why you should and how you can switch up your fitness routine.  

The Human Body Adapts

One of the most amazing things that the human body can do is adapt to almost any situation. When it comes to working out, however, this can be a little bit annoying. When you are doing the same workouts over and over your body is learning to adapt and stop responding to the work you are doing. Lifting the same weights or running the same distances will only benefit you for a while, because soon it won’t be difficult enough for your body to grow or burn calories at the same rate.

Increase Your Intensity

In order to battle your body’s tendency to adapt, try upping the intensity of your workouts. If you are a weight lifter, try lifting heavier weights with fewer rests in between. If you are a runner, try adding in hills, speed work, or longer distances. Changing your routine – even just a little bit – will give your muscles more of a challenge and you will probably see results happening once again. Don’t think that you have to increase your intensity so much that you will burn yourself out. Just remind yourself to get out of your rut and try something new.  

You’re Bored

It is human nature to get bored of doing the same things over and over. Some people thrive on routine and repetition, but others need a little bit more variety to keep them interested. Sticking with the same old routine at the gym can be mind numbing, especially if you use the same machines in the same spot every time you go. Getting to the gym is hard enough, but when you find yourself dreading a workout or counting down the minutes until you can stop running, it’s time to make a switch so that you can enjoy in a fitness center in your area.  

Beat Boredom

Sometimes even the smallest changes can help keep you from being bored with your workout. If you usually run on a treadmill, try taking your next run outside on a new route that you’ve never tried. If you go to a kickboxing class every week and can’t stand the thought of another hour of punching the air, put on a pair of gloves and try sparring at a real boxing gym. Sometimes something as simple as creating a new playlist can get you out of your workout funk enough to make you excited again.  

Be Flexible

Sometimes it can seem that any change in a fitness routine will through everything out of wack and you’ll have to start over. Just remember that switching things up is good for both your body and your mind and can help you get the results that you really want, but have been missing out on.