Tuesday, January 6, 2015

3 Quick Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home before Selling

When you decide to list your house on the market, you also need to have a think about how you can get the best sale price possible without over capitalising. No matter how modern or well-maintained your home is, there will be some quick and easy – and even low cost – ways that you can add value before you sell.

1. See What’s Trending Now

Take a visit to some display homes in your area and see what the latest home trends are. You’ll be able to get a good understanding of this season’s textures, colours and decorator touches that you can incorporate into your own home improvements and styling. Home builders like Coral Homes open their display homes seven days a week so you can stroll through on a Saturday morning and spend the rest of the weekend putting the inspiration into action.

2. Refresh And Rejuvenate Key Features

Updating the interior paint in a room can generally be done in a day and is relatively inexpensive if you do the work yourself. Never underestimate the impact that attention to detail on the little things can have – even something as simple as updating the tap ware in the bathroom can really lift the space and make it seem more appealing to buys. Have a look around and see what is looking grubby or aged. Any niggling things you’ve been ignoring like a dripping tap or creaky door should be sorted out before your first open house. Something as simple as having the carpets steam cleaned or the power points and light switches changed can make a big difference to buyers’ perception – it shows that maintenance was a priority for you which makes them feel more confident about making an offer.

3. Create Street Appeal

First impressions count so make sure your home is selling itself with a little bit of street appeal. Before you list the property, throw down some lawn seed and fertiliser to fill in any gaps in your grass and mulch the garden beds. Give the gardens a good prune and buy some cheap, colourful plants from your local nursery if there’s any bare patches. If you can, try to pressure wash your front path, driveway and the exterior of the house. Make sure your street number is prominently displayed – people may do drive by viewings once the property is listed with the real estate.

Dust, clutter and obvious signs of neglect are huge turn offs for buyers and may affect how much they’re willing to offer for your home. Presenting a clean, tidy and well maintained property is crucial to securing a good sale result. Even if your home is showing its age and has a dated interior, a simple tidy up and maintenance focus can sometimes do just as much work for you as a renovated room when it comes to sell.

How would you add value to a home before listing it for sale?