Monday, December 29, 2014

Tips to Keep You Fit

Reduce your risk of premature illness. If you recognize how your mind and body interact to create health or become vulnerable to disease, you can build a lifestyle to help protect yourself from health crises.

Purify Your Drinking Water. Consider purifying your drinking water. Drinking water is a major source of environmental toxins.

Take Your Vitamins. Think about taking daily vitamin supplements. Some experts believe that vitamins may improve healing and wound repair, decrease heart disease and reduce the body's ability to produce free radicals. Check with your doctor to be sure which supplements are appropriate for you.

Exercise. Try to exercise at least five days a week. The key is to find a way to use your body that is sensible and not traumatic. Any type of exercise that raises your heart rate is beneficial. You may wish to start with a brisk 10-minute walk, working your way up to 45 minutes. But if already have an exercise routine that gives you a workout, there's no need to change.