Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's Time To Get Organize.

Hey! Christmas vacation is near. Get ready for the two-week school vacation. The following is some practical tips to allow you to organize and do away with clutter.

Empty candle-holders can be used for keeping small things that often have a tendency to get misplaced like paper clips, rubber bands, pins, etc.

You could save your time during the morning by picking out what to wear the night before. Designate an area of a one's closet to keep “tomorrow's outfit.” Be certain to fill it out from top to bottom (hats, shirts, pants, socks, shoes).

Hang a basket in an unused corner of a one's closet. This will provide additional storage space for socks. Empty tissue rolls could be used to store and organize wires and cables. You can store small bags inside the bigger bag to save more space.

Place unused books, notebooks, and magazine inside a box and seal them. Write the content of the box on the cover so that you will know which box to open once the need arises.

When storing shoes in boxes; cut out a window on a side so you'll be able to see the content inside then seal it off with plastic cover to prevent it from getting dirty.

With a little imagination and plenty of creativity, organizing will probably be easy.