Friday, November 14, 2014

Top up your Combi Boiler

If your home has a combi boiler, at some point it will need topping up. Whilst conventional boilers work pretty much on an automatic system, combi boilers are a different kettle of fish! By learning to carry out this simple task yourself, not only will you feel a great sense of achievement, you’ll also eliminate the need to call a plumber, and save some money as well.

If, on the other hand you would like a professional to come around and take a look, then (and here’s our slightly unashamed pitch!) look no further than PPBS. We are a firm of local Wimbledon Plumbers (based in London just in case you didn’t know!) and pride ourselves in providing excellence at an affordable rate and with a smiling face to all of our clients.

How do combi boilers Work?

A combi boiler has no tank – it’s a sealed system where the amount of water which circulates in your radiators has to be regulated manually. Luckily, a handy filling loop is attached to your boiler which is used to top up the water.

Get to know your boiler

You need to work out where the pressure gauge and filling loop is on your boiler. This is easier to do than you might think! If your boiler came with a manual, this should have a diagram showing you where these components are located. If not, don’t worry; by entering your boiler’s make and model number into Google, you can often find a manual online. There are also videos available on YouTube which not only show you where various parts are on your boiler but can take you through the whole topping up process step by step.

Keep an eye on the pressure

When topping up your combi boiler, you need to keep one eye on the pressure gauge at all times! If possible, rope a friend in to keep an eye on the pressure whilst you deal with the filling loop – you don’t want to over pressurise your boiler. Remember that the perfect pressure is 1.5 bar – your pressure gauge will usually have a red area to indicate if pressure is too low or too high. The filling loop is a flexible silver tube which has two handles – you need to turn these so that they are in line with the pipe to start topping up your boiler. It should be easy to know when they’re in the right position as you will hear the sound of water starting to flow. Remember, anywhere between 1 and 2.2 bar is fine for your combi boiler’s pressure – aim for around 1.5 bar if possible. Don’t forget to turn the filling loop handles back into their off position before you finish. Topping up your combi boiler is easy and could save you from having to pay for the services of a plumber.