Sunday, September 28, 2014

Upholstered Furniture

Regular vacuuming is about the best way to keep upholstery looking fresh. But you may not be motivated to vacuum upholstered furniture often enough; dust isn’t as obvious on an armchair as it is on a tabletop. Unless upholstered furniture is vacuumed regularly, the material can become so dirty that drastic measures may become necessary.

A surprisingly large number of people take the most drastic measure of all-they just throw out the soiled furniture and place it with new furniture. According to a survey, that’s how a significant number of Consumer Reports subscribers dealt with the problem of soil buildup. Some took a less-drastic approach, opting for reupholstering or slipcovers. Still others chose heavy-duty, overall cleaning, a far more economical solution, if it works.

There are three ways to clean upholstered furniture. You can buy a cleaning product and apply it to the fabric by hand. You can buy or rent a machine that cleans carpets and upholstery. You can call a professional cleaning service, usually listed under “Carpet Cleaners” or “Upholstery Cleaners” in the Yellow Pages.

Photo not mine.