Monday, September 22, 2014

Toilet Bowl Cleaners

The best way to clean the toilet bowl is to brush it frequently with a liquid all-purpose cleaner. In-bowl toilet cleaners are for more serious stains. Scrubbing with an acidic powder or liquid is the one sure way to attack the mineral matter that causes most toilet bowl stains, particularly around the rim.

In-tank cleaners, blue-colored or bleaches, are easy to use, but don’t expect miracles. If you start with a spotless toilet, they may only slow the buildup of new stains and keep the bowl presentable between more thorough scrubbings. In-tank bleach cleaners should not be used in a toilet that is not flushed regularly. Enough chlorine may accumulate to damage parts inside the tank.

Finally, do not let any brand’s claim to disinfect sway you. At best, a disinfecting cleaner can only temporarily cut the population of some germs.