Thursday, August 14, 2014

Free at Last

One of the most important “breakthroughs” in women’s health is our generation’s radically different take on menopause. “The women’s health movement has brought menopause out of the closet. Women don’t fear it anymore. They understand that it’s natural part of our maturing and that it marks the beginning of the test of our lives.

In our mother’s day, women may have whispered about “the change” behind closed doors, but now we form menopause support groups and actively seek information on menopause and hormone-replacement therapy. We play a far more active role in the midlife health care than our mothers did. There’s a well-educated group of women who visit their doctors with a checklist of things they want information about, particularly HRT or Hormone-replacement Therapy.

Got this poll on Yahoo. One poll of 750 women between the ages of 45 and 60 found that 52 percent viewed menopause as a new and fulfilling stage of life, 60 percent did not feel that menopause made them less attractive, and 80 percent said that they were actually relieved that their period had stopped.