Thursday, July 10, 2014

Home Fragrance

Scenting the home is now a major force in interior design. It is a way of personalizing a living space that has become as important to many people as their color scheme and the style of their furnishings.

Creating Moods

There are many versatile and ingenious ways in which you can introduce enticing scents into your surroundings to personalize your living space and create different moods. For instance, you can burn scented candles that release warm, inviting aromas and create a welcoming flattering light when you’re holding a party; you can sprinkle rosewater, a known relaxant and aphrodisiac, on your bed linen; or vaporize stimulating rosemary oil in your office to give your brain a boost while you’re working. Even a jar of nutmeg, a bundle of cinnamon, a bunch of fresh herbs or a vase of fragrant flowers, such as roses, or lilies, can infuse the room with scent. Think of the wonderful, heady aromas that fill the air in an outdoor market on a warm day, where flower stalls are laden with lavender, roses and broom, herb and spice corners are filled with cinnamon, and food stalls are brimming with cheeses, fruit and vegetables, honey, nuts and candied fruit.

Once you are aware of the effect that fragrance can have on your mood, you will find that it opens up a whole new dimension for you to explore. Whether you like the idea of a row of fresh, fragrant herbs growing on your windowsill in rustic terracotta pots, a vase of old-fashioned blowsy roses beside your bed, an incense holder on your mantelpiece, scented candles by your bath, herb-filled sachets in your drawers and wardrobe or a bowl of amber resin on your desk, the following ideas and suggestions should give you a starting point from which to experiment. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the fragrances you choose or the methods you use to scent your home, the main thing is to surround yourself with smells that you enjoy and that have an uplifting effect on your spirits.