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Down With Debt

A good credit rating can help you get the right job, the right home and the right interest rates on your credit cars, loans, and mortgages. Here are some tips to help you keep your debt in check:

Keep track of every penny you spend during the next month. Categorize your spending into the narrowest categories possible: Movies, dinners out and concerts instead of a broad category like entertainment. Once you see where the money is going, it is easier to budget a realistic spending amount for the future, and to identify areas where you would be comfortable cutting back.

Cancel overdraft protection for your checking account, it makes it too easy to write checks for more money than you have. To get out of credit card debt quickly, pay at least double the minimum payment than you have.

Don’t be fooled by the illusion of security if you have some savings in the bank but almost as much credit card debt. The percentage you’re paying in interest on your card purchases far outweights the sc…

How to Start Building a Good Credit Score Early

Having an excellent credit score is a bit like having access to an essential facility. Sure, you might be able to get by without it for a while, but ultimately, you'd still have to get it because, without it, life would be quite difficult. However, it does mean you’ll have to get into a bit of debt before you can reap its benefits.

The good news is a strong FICO score can be the key to getting important things you might not be able to get otherwise like loans, mortgages and even employment. So, when should you start building your credit scores? Well, as early as possible. Some parents typically start building for their kids when they are teenagers and then hand everything over to them when they get into college. However, if you want to start doing so as a young adult, here's how to go about it:

Don’t Take on More Than Two Credit Cards

The first thing you need to do when you want to start building your credit score is to apply for a credit card. Here's the thing about cred…

Making a Bathroom More Spacious

If your bathroom feels too small, there are some easy ways to make it seem more spacious without doing an extensive remodeling project to expand its floor space. Adding some simple storage solutions lets you tuck items like washcloths and hair dryers out of the way so that they are not taking up space on your counter or floor. Bathroom medicine cabinets can be concealed behind a mirror to provide even more room.

Instead of stacking your Turkish washcloths on a shelf or a counter, put a hanging storage caddy on the back of the bathroom door. This keeps them handy but out of the way. When you need some antibacterial towels, just reach behind the door to get them. If you do not have a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, installing one behind a mirror provides more storage space without taking up more room. Bathroom full-length medicine cabinets are easy to install and can be done in an afternoon. You can keep medicine bottles, bandages, toothpaste and other items in a cabinet like this.…

Aromatherapy Bathing at Home

Dilute no more than the recommended number of drops of essential oil, up to a maximum of 10 drops in total if you are blending different oils, in a tablespoon of carrier oil or bath foam and pour it under warm running water. Close the door to keep the fragrant steam in the room, and swirl the water to distribute the oils thoroughly before you step in. Lie back, close your eyes and soak for about 20 minutes, breathing deeply to inhale the vapours and help the oils to travel; to the mood center of the brain.

As long as you don’t have very sensitive skin, you can use essential oils in the shower by diluting 4 drops in a tablespoon of carrier oil and pouring it onto a flannel. Rub the sides of the flannel together to distribute the mixture evenly, and then sweep it vigorously over your skin while standing under the jet of water.

You can use the oils singly or in blends, but never exceed the stated number of drops, the blends given here are suitable for adults only. Several essential oil…

Turning Out the Lights, Naturally

Relax and Sleep Well. There are lots of things that you can do to ensure a blissful night’s sleep. Here are the very basic ones from the experts.

Make time. Allow yourself at least 45 minutes to an hour to unwind before lie down in bed. Let the left-over tension from your long day drift away. Avoid working in finances or watching the late news or stimulation your mind in any way too close to bedtime.

Don’t be a clock watcher. Remove your clock from your bedside; in fact, remove it from the room, if possible. A watched pot never boils, and a watched clock won’t let you sleep.

Work it off early. Exercise regularly during the day and find as many waking outlets for your stress as possible. The object is to be physically and mentally stress-free by bedtime.

Cozy up. Create a comfortable bed and bedroom. From room temperature to the crispness of the sheets, everything should be just the way you like it when you turn in for the night.

Gearing Up: What You Need to Get Started

For hundreds of pesos less than a one-year membership, you can buy everything you need to start our body-shaping program now. And just imagine what you will save on leotards. Here’s how to equip yourself.

Pick up some dumbbells. Also called free weights, they are available in 1-pound increments from 1 to 20 pounds. Beginners may want to start out with lighter weights. Pairs of 3-, 5-. 8- and 10-pound dumbbells should do the job. They even come in pretty pastel colors.

Purchasing some padding. A foam mat can turn any floor into a home gym. Mats are great for floor stretches, pushups, and crunches.

Have a seat. You will need a sturdy chair without arms for at least one exercise. A few others, such as the biceps curl and the overhead press can be done either standing or seated. A chair from your dining room set may fill the bill.

Dress a part. As promised, no leotard. But you will need a pair of athletic shoes offers both stability when you’re doing the exercises and some protectio…

Home Fragrance

Scenting the home is now a major force in interior design. It is a way of personalizing a living space that has become as important to many people as their color scheme and the style of their furnishings.

Creating Moods

There are many versatile and ingenious ways in which you can introduce enticing scents into your surroundings to personalize your living space and create different moods. For instance, you can burn scented candles that release warm, inviting aromas and create a welcoming flattering light when you’re holding a party; you can sprinkle rosewater, a known relaxant and aphrodisiac, on your bed linen; or vaporize stimulating rosemary oil in your office to give your brain a boost while you’re working. Even a jar of nutmeg, a bundle of cinnamon, a bunch of fresh herbs or a vase of fragrant flowers, such as roses, or lilies, can infuse the room with scent. Think of the wonderful, heady aromas that fill the air in an outdoor market on a warm day, where flower stalls are laden …

Papaya Figths Back Pain

Wow! I honestly have learned this information from my friend. She posted it on her wall on Facebook. I was surprised because I always have back-pain and I didn’t know that papaya can help to fight back pain. So, I thought of sharing this here on my blog.

Papaya contains an enzyme, papain, that is so potent at fighting pain that doctor’s have even isolated it to use in injections for those suffering from back pain. Today, this enzyme is one of the most popular supplements being sold over-the-counter to address back and body pain due to over-exertion. And yet, when we take the supplement versus eating the papaya ( I cup of organic papaya), we miss out on the helpful pain-fighting antioxidants found in the orange flesh of the papaya. Add papaya to your next shopping list, incorporate into salads or smoothies, or even make it into a salsa to enjoy food-based pain relief.

Good Laundry Tips

Saturday is usually my schedule for laundry, because I need to wash my son’s school uniform. So, to be able to save electricity and water, I have to include other dirty clothes, towels, sometimes bed sheets and curtains. And since my son’s uniform has three sets: the polo shirt which is yellow, under shirt, which is white color, and the pants which in khaki color, I need to separate them by colors.

Anyhow, you can get good laundry results if you sort clothes according to the following guidelines:

Separate colors and whites into different laundry loads. Intense colors (very dark or very bright) may bleed, especially when washed for the first time. They can tint white or light-colored clothes washed in the same load. A good guide is the maker’s care label.

Separate chlorine-bleachable light and white clothes from those that cannot be bleached if you intend to add chlorine bleach to the wash.

Most wash loads do quite well in cold or warm water. Heavy soils on cottons respond better…