Monday, June 23, 2014

Safety Alert at Home

Safety cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to home repair. Some common repair materials are toxic, others are flammable; live wires are dangerous, and some gases are explosive. Use your own common sense in addition to the rules listed here.

Live Wires

First and foremost, never work on live wires. Turn off the power, and test the receptacle before you begin any electrical project.


When a product label tells you to use “adequate ventilation,” it means that there should be no more fumes in the room than there would be if you were using the product outdoors. Open windows, set up a fan to draw dust and fumes out of the room, turn on exhaust fans, whatever it takes to provide fresh air to the area. If you are not sure the ventilation is adequate, wear a respirator while you work.


You might not think that good lighting and safety go together like nacho chips and cheese, but they do. It is easy to make mistakes when you can’t see clearly. A bright light on a flexible hose or spring clamp lets you see all the parts you should and shouldn’t touch.


Finally, safety equipment disposable gloves, work gloves, heavy boots, safety glasses, hearing protection, and particle masks are essential for home repairs. Buy them and use them.