Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pedicure at Home: Cleaning My Own Toe Nails

Since I was lazy to go to the salon yesterday, I cleaned my own feet. Fortunately, I have a polish remover, and so, I decided to clean my toe nails all by myself. Honestly, it was not fun doing this alone. Bending half of my body even if in just a few minutes to reach the toes was not easy. I have to stretch my body in a minute, and then I have to move or exercise my neck from left to right. I bet you got the picture. Well, I only did it once in a while. I usually go to the salon and let the manicurist do the cleaning, and I will just sit on a soft chair, watch TV, or read some magazine. However, today, since the laziness attacked again and the toe nails need to change the polish because it was not good to look at anymore, so I cleaned them even if it is hard. Anyhow, cleaning my own toe nails will definitely save me money.