Monday, June 9, 2014

Home Repairs

I am glad that my father knows how to fix a little carpentry problem at home such as cabinet repair, door knobs repair, door hinges, and even to our small appliances, he can fix it. That’s why when there are furniture repairs, and other things, we never hired people from outside. He is a certified auto mechanic actually, but he can also do a job at home. A few days ago, he fixed the drawer in the kitchen, and he also changed the polish of the wood. Now the drawer looks like new. My mom was glad when she saw that the drawer has been fixed by my father. She was asking this couple of weeks ago, but my father was not in the mood yet to fix the drawer.

drawer repairs

Anyhow, here’s the technique on how to fix loose drawer pulls.

The holes behind drawer pulls wear out over time, too. Remove the drawer pull, and clean any dust or grime out of the worn hole. Mix up some powder-type putty, and use a putty knife to pack in into the hole. When they putty is completely dry, sand it flush with the surface, drill a pilot hole, and reattach the drawer pull.