Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gloomy Sunday

Today is Sunday, and the weather is a bit gloomy. And since today is Sunday, I also expected that my cousin who is just living in front of our house will have a drinking session again. They do that during Sundays with his friends. Honestly, I got annoyed with them, especially when they are drunk already. Aside from their loud voices, the sound of their music makes me more irritated. If I ask him to slow down the volume of the music, he will obey right away, but then, after a few minutes, the volume will turn up again. The worst part is when they are arguing something, and they are drunk already, it seems like they are holding a microphone. I am glad that they are not fighting afterwards. They will just go home after drinking.

Anyhow, on rainy or gloomy days, I don’t feel to go out of the house, simply because I hate bringing an umbrella outside, and due to the cold weather, my mind kept on thinking about food. Usually, when the weather is cold, you want to warm your soul with something hot like soup. But the problem is I am lazy to cook. I just want to buy ready-to-eat food at the nearby food store or restaurant. And since the weather now is a bit cold, I am thinking of a hot soup for lunch. I wish I am near to this restaurant so I could order this nutty miso-based noodle soup. I found this in my inbox this morning. It looks so good, right?