Thursday, June 5, 2014

Buttered Shrimp for Dinner

My all-time favorite, Yes, that's right. This is one of my favorite dishes on the table. However, I seldom include this on my lists when shopping for the kitchen or fridge. Fresh shrimp is more expensive than the other seafood like crabs, seashells, and fish. The bigger shrimp, the more expensive, that is why, I will only buy this when the family's budget has an extra. My youngest son loves this shrimp too, but he doesn't like to cook this as shrimp soup or what we called “sinigang na hipon” (sour soup shrimp). He likes the steamed shrimp, cook in butter, or cook like adobo. He likes to dip it in vinegar with a little salt, garlic and soy sauce.

By the way, when I am at the restaurant, I don’t like ordering a shrimp because I don’t like to eat it using with spoon, fork or table knife. I want to eat it with my two hands when peeling the shrimp skin. I can peel it using a spoon and fork, or fork and knife, but there is no excitement when using those things. I tell you, the more you use your bare hands when eating a shrimp, the more it is tastier, and the more you enjoy your food.