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Gloomy Sunday

Today is Sunday, and the weather is a bit gloomy. And since today is Sunday, I also expected that my cousin who is just living in front of our house will have a drinking session again. They do that during Sundays with his friends. Honestly, I got annoyed with them, especially when they are drunk already. Aside from their loud voices, the sound of their music makes me more irritated. If I ask him to slow down the volume of the music, he will obey right away, but then, after a few minutes, the volume will turn up again. The worst part is when they are arguing something, and they are drunk already, it seems like they are holding a microphone. I am glad that they are not fighting afterwards. They will just go home after drinking.

Anyhow, on rainy or gloomy days, I don’t feel to go out of the house, simply because I hate bringing an umbrella outside, and due to the cold weather, my mind kept on thinking about food. Usually, when the weather is cold, you want to warm your soul with someth…

Pedicure at Home: Cleaning My Own Toe Nails

Since I was lazy to go to the salon yesterday, I cleaned my own feet. Fortunately, I have a polish remover, and so, I decided to clean my toe nails all by myself. Honestly, it was not fun doing this alone. Bending half of my body even if in just a few minutes to reach the toes was not easy. I have to stretch my body in a minute, and then I have to move or exercise my neck from left to right. I bet you got the picture. Well, I only did it once in a while. I usually go to the salon and let the manicurist do the cleaning, and I will just sit on a soft chair, watch TV, or read some magazine. However, today, since the laziness attacked again and the toe nails need to change the polish because it was not good to look at anymore, so I cleaned them even if it is hard. Anyhow, cleaning my own toe nails will definitely save me money.

Good morning Wednesday

Good morning everyone. I am glad that the sun came out this morning. We had a bad weather these past few days. Last night, strong winds struck again, and I could hear the sounds of the tin roof from the neighbor, and I felt that it was almost pulled out because of the very strong winds. Anyhow, I just want to greet you a very good day today. I wish the storm will leave us now, and I hope everyone is safe because of this storm.

Treat Yourself Like a Guest

If you knew that visitors were coming to spend a few days with you, you would be making your guest bedroom and bath as attractive and comfortable as possible for your guests. Have you ever thought about making your bedroom and bath as luxurious as your guest room?

Bathroom trends now feature designs that are intended to exude a spa-like experience. Although you might not be interested in a bathroom remodeling project, you can add some features and products to your bedroom and bath that will make you feel pampered and privileged.

Free standing or wall mount towel warming bars add luxury to your bathroom. You will want to invest in some high quality towels such as Egyptian cotton bath towels to place on those warming racks. For maximum comfort, you can include a luxuriously soft bath mat set in your master bath. For those rare occasions when you have some extra leisure time in the morning or evening, having an Egyptian cotton bathrobe waiting for you after a relaxing bath or refreshi…

Safety Alert at Home

Safety cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to home repair. Some common repair materials are toxic, others are flammable; live wires are dangerous, and some gases are explosive. Use your own common sense in addition to the rules listed here.

Live Wires

First and foremost, never work on live wires. Turn off the power, and test the receptacle before you begin any electrical project.


When a product label tells you to use “adequate ventilation,” it means that there should be no more fumes in the room than there would be if you were using the product outdoors. Open windows, set up a fan to draw dust and fumes out of the room, turn on exhaust fans, whatever it takes to provide fresh air to the area. If you are not sure the ventilation is adequate, wear a respirator while you work.


You might not think that good lighting and safety go together like nacho chips and cheese, but they do. It is easy to make mistakes when you can’t see clearly. A bright light on a f…

How to Size Up a Used Car

You’ll get the best prices on used cars from friends, co-workers and private owners. That’s because they won’t be adding operating costs such as rent and advertising to the car’s price. And a friend or coworker might cut you an extra good deal.

When you buy this way, however, you have to be especially careful. Do the same homework you would do if you were buying from a dealership, and thoroughly examine the car. Also insist on seeing the warranty booklet and all of the car’s service records. These records will tell you about the car’s repair history. And a car that has all of its records in order has usually been well maintained.

The car below is for sale. It's KIA Avella Manual. It is owned by a private owner. If you are interested, just sent a text message to +639212353722.

Lack of Sleep

Now that the kids are back to school, I only have four to five hours sleep on weekdays. Most of the time, I went to bed at midnight or so, and woke up at 5:00 in the morning, that is why, when the kids are gone for school, I will go back to bed and take a nap. But sometimes, I cannot take a nap, especially if I have something to do that needs to be done like if I have online tasks.

I know that not getting the right amount of sleep is a disaster for our skin. Nighttime is when the skin repairs itself; we build new cells and replace collagen and elastin damaged by the day’s exposure to sun and pollution. The skin is also more absorbent at night, which means it takes in treatments more effectively; in fact, research shows that up to 25 percent more of some vitamin treatments enter the skin at night compared with during the day. Lack of sleep cuts these benefits and causes side effects of its won, such as dark circles, and puffiness under the eyes, as the skin diverts blood to fuel the …

Tips to Identify Dry and Wet Rot

In order to protect your structure, it's important to learn the signs of dry rot and wet rot. Sometimes people mistake one for the other. Knowing the difference between them will allow you to find the appropriate fix. The following tips will help you identify dry and wet rot and also how to eliminate each type. What Is Dry Rot? Left untreated, dry rot can wreak havoc with the wood of your structure. A fungus that literally destroys wood as it feeds on moisture causes dry rot. It often invades buildings with poor ventilation. If timbers are exposed to leaky pipes, for instance, you might be begging for a dry rot problem. Moreover, wood is not the only material at risk. Dry rot can even invade concrete and plaster. Because it can cause unseen damage, it's important to learn how to spot the signs of dry rot. Dry Rot Signs One of the telltale signs of a dry rot problem is an extreme damp and musty odor. If you smell this pronounced odor, it's important to investigate fur…

High-Tech Cellphone Amazed Me

I was so amazed with my new phone. When I bought it, the sales lady never mentioned that the phone has a very nice feature which is not common to all cell phones. I was chatting with my friend on Facebook using my phone. I accidentally tapped a microphone icon beside the space bar of the keyboard. I was like oops, sorry, and the keyboard was gone, but it was replaced with a black frame with small red button on the center.

Below the button, I have read, tap the red when start talking. And so I tapped it, and I started talking. I was surprised when I saw the words I uttered on the message box. I was “kinda” amazed with the phone because this is my first time to have a android phone that has a feature like this. I remember that there was a TV commercial about a phone which you can speak on it, and then the phone will do the typing, but I was not expecting that the phone I bought a week ago has this kind of features. Now, I love more with my new toy. Even if I am still in the process of…

My New Baby: DTC Mobile Phone

I am so happy with my new cell phone or mobile phone. I bought this only yesterday. My old phone died weeks ago, and thanks to this old phone because he had been good to me for four years of service. Anyhow, the new phone is not a well-known brand, but it has the same specs with the branded one. This is Singapore made, and so far; I am loving it.

Anyhow, here's the specs of this DTC Mobile Phone

Color Display: 4.0 IPS
Pricessor: Dual Core
Android Jellyfish
WCDMA 850/2100 3g
1.3 MP Front Camera
5 MP Rear Camera
4GB Memory (expandable til 32 GB)/512MB ROM/RAM
Capacitive Touch Screen
Music Player
Video Player
FM Radio
Light Sensore

Home Repairs

I am glad that my father knows how to fix a little carpentry problem at home such as cabinet repair, door knobs repair, door hinges, and even to our small appliances, he can fix it. That’s why when there are furniture repairs, and other things, we never hired people from outside. He is a certified auto mechanic actually, but he can also do a job at home. A few days ago, he fixed the drawer in the kitchen, and he also changed the polish of the wood. Now the drawer looks like new. My mom was glad when she saw that the drawer has been fixed by my father. She was asking this couple of weeks ago, but my father was not in the mood yet to fix the drawer.

Anyhow, here’s the technique on how to fix loose drawer pulls.

The holes behind drawer pulls wear out over time, too. Remove the drawer pull, and clean any dust or grime out of the worn hole. Mix up some powder-type putty, and use a putty knife to pack in into the hole. When they putty is completely dry, sand it flush with the surface, d…

Homes For Sale in Davao

Last summer, I accompanied my friend to look for a house for sale here in our place. He has planned to live here in Davao City for good. He doesn’t like the idea of renting a house for life, and so almost every day, we went to different real estate here in our place. I actually have a lesbian friend who is working in a real estate, and this made us easier to look for a house for sale. Anyhow, the photo below was one of the newly developed real estates we visited. The house's designs were really beautiful. There were different house designs on every block.

Here are the details of this subdivision: Name of Subdivision: Illumina Estate Subdivision Address: Comunal, Buhangin Davao City Available for Sale: Lot Only and House and Lot Package

House Specifications:

Roof Framing : Steel Trusses
Roof : Colored Roof
Ceiling : 5mm Plywood With 10mm Aluminum Heat Insulation
Walls : Cast-In-Place Concrete Wall System
Toilet And Bath : Tiled Up To Ceiling (Flush Type Water Closet …

Buttered Shrimp for Dinner

My all-time favorite, Yes, that's right. This is one of my favorite dishes on the table. However, I seldom include this on my lists when shopping for the kitchen or fridge. Fresh shrimp is more expensive than the other seafood like crabs, seashells, and fish. The bigger shrimp, the more expensive, that is why, I will only buy this when the family's budget has an extra. My youngest son loves this shrimp too, but he doesn't like to cook this as shrimp soup or what we called “sinigang na hipon” (sour soup shrimp). He likes the steamed shrimp, cook in butter, or cook like adobo. He likes to dip it in vinegar with a little salt, garlic and soy sauce.

By the way, when I am at the restaurant, I don’t like ordering a shrimp because I don’t like to eat it using with spoon, fork or table knife. I want to eat it with my two hands when peeling the shrimp skin. I can peel it using a spoon and fork, or fork and knife, but there is no excitement when using those things. I tell you, th…

First Day of School – No School Uniform and No ID Yet

The summer vacation is definitely over for kids in the Philippines. Today was the first day of school. I accompanied my son to his new school this morning for he didn't know yet his classroom. Plus, he is now enrolled to a new school because he is in Grade 7 or First-Year High School. The classes start at 7:45 in the morning, but the flag ceremony is at 7:15 in the morning. So, the students must come to school at 7:00 a.m. Since, today was the first day, and my son is a new enrollee, they are not yet required to wear the school uniform.

Aside from the school uniform, the new enrollee has no school ID yet, that is also the reason why I accompanied my son this morning to the school because I need to ask from the Guidance Office a temporary ID or gate pass. I was told by some of my friends who have children in this school, that this school is so strict. So, to avoid any problems from entering the school every day, I see to it that my son could get an ID from the Guidance Office. Un…

4 Ways to Keep Kids Safe This Summer

Summer vacation means that the kids will have more time to play, but it can also mean that they will have more opportunities to hurt themselves. However, you may be able to keep them out of urgent care if you follow these simple tips.

#1: Be Safe in the Water

Summer is the best time to go swimming in the pool or play in the ocean or lake. Most of the time, kids can survive these outings without incident, but they can have serious accidents in these environments. One way to ensure their safety is to keep a close eye on them, but it would also be very helpful to know that there is a lifeguard on duty. When your kids are sailing or engaging in water sports, make sure that they are wearing life jackets no matter how much they protest.

#2: Beware of the Heat

Young children under the age of five are susceptible to contracting heat-related illnesses. Some of the symptoms of these conditions include fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath and dizziness. However, you can p…