Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What is the idea of parental control?

Parental control is what we can call every process that is directed to provide a particular level of safeness of the kid. It can be implemented in every sphere of kids’ life, but mostly it is about protecting children from bad influence of the environment. In these days, those kinds of activities take place in the sphere of safety in the Internet. Regarding the Internet protection, there are few tools available on the market that can increase the level of security of kids who spend a lot of time being online. Software like antivirus, firewall and parental controls for Internet plus other steps taken by the parents can almost eliminate the bad influence coming from the net.

What are the methods?

First of all I would like to start with the descriptions of methods that are not straight connected with the IT solutions. Parents can do a lot by themselves in order to increase the security of their kids for instance by an honest discussion. It is really important to explain the kid what kinds of threats are lurking in the Internet and how bad consequences they can have. Next thing is to show the kid how to properly use the computer and the Web. Of course before that, parents have to learn themselves for example by creating accounts on some social media portals. After that they have to figure out how the particular service is working and identify the things that can be really dangerous. Later, when parents know how does it works, it is the right time to transfer this knowledge to the youngest. Another tip that every parent of young kid can follow is to place the computer device in an open area at home. It can be the living room where everybody will be able to see what’s going on at the screen. So to sum up methods different that based on software, we can say that to build an awareness of the kid what is good and what is bad is one of the most important goals regarding parental control.

Proper software can help

Now I want to focus on IT solutions. First method and the simplest is to install an antivirus program. This kind of software provides security in terms of protecting the computer against the viruses that may come from the net and other data medium. Some of the viruses are able to steel our personal data. The similar job firewall is doing. It blocks any attempt to enter our computer made by other users from the outside. Last kind of software is a parental control. It is able to block websites that contain undesired content like for instance pornography or violence. It can also control an hours in which the kid is able to use the computer. Usually the parents can also distinguish specified user’s settings for particular user’s windows accounts.


As we can see there are plenty of methods thanks to which parents can create a safe umbrella above their loved ones. One thing we have to remember is the fact that it is not difficult to provide safety at home, the biggest challenge is to raise a kid that will avoid dangerous situations outside the house.

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