Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Voice Kids Philippines

Oh! I can’t wait to watch this The Voice Kid’s Edition on TV. The first video I saw on Youtube was a boy who sang “Grow Old with You” and he was so cute singing the song. He is far better than Justin Beiber. He is just a kid, but you will feel in love the way he sang the song. I don’t know yet his name, and I also don’t know who pressed the button and turned his or her chair. Let us wait until Saturday because the first airing of this on national TV will be on Saturday. Weee.. I couldn’t wait. This must be exciting, and full of entertainment. I would surely turn off the laptop first or no Facebook while watching because I don’t want to miss any moment of this show. I love to watch talented and gifted kids with their wonderful voice. So, starting this Saturday, and every weekend, my eyes will be on The Voice Kids Philippines.