Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Successful Bank Transaction

Today is another day. Yesterday, I had a good day. I wish I could have a good day today just like yesterday. Despite the rains yesterday, I was able to finish all my offline tasks. I did it when the electricity went out. I don’t want to stay here at home and waiting for the electricity to come back. It is so boring to wait because the brownout here has no permanent schedule. It died whenever they wanted, and it will come back after 2 to 5 hours.

Anyhow, I went back to the bank yesterday because my friend who is now in Europe wanted to send me money to my bank. We have the same bank here in Davao, but he couldn't transfer his fund to my account through online banking. So, I went to the bank just to inform them about this matter. Well, they tried to figure it out why my friend cannot transact a business through their online banking. And since my friend is in Europe now, and I am doing his business in behalf of him, the bank allowed me to confirm his account to them. So, I was happy when the bank staff told me to inform my friend that his account will be activated online after 24 hours. When we talked last night on Facebook, he was so happy. He will just wait for 24 hours, and then he can now use online banking.