Saturday, May 31, 2014

Our Furbaby Girl

Yes, that's right. She is the newest member of the family. She arrived five (5) ago with my niece and brother.My niece stayed at her mother during school vacation, and my brother picked her up last Monday because the school opening will be on Monday. My niece parents are separated since she was two (2) years old. She only goes to her mother when it is school vacation.

 Anyhow, when they came home last Monday, we were surprised because she had this cute little puppy. We have a female dog, but she is an adult already. At first, we were scared if the big dog gets mad at the puppy, because she's a jealous dog. But to our surprised, Jinky, our big dog, showed that she was not jealous because she wiggled her tail, and she likes to kiss (smell) the puppy. My father, who trained Jinky to be a responsible dog, carried the puppy, and he tried to put the puppy near to Jinky. Oh! Jinky likes her. She smelled and kissed her. Now, they are best of friends. They go together, roaming in the yard and played in the yard. The big dog never hurt the small puppy.

She likes to play in the grass. I guess, it is cooler for her to stay under this gumamela (Hibiscus) flower.

Did you notice her eyes? She has blue/green yellowish eyes. That is why I called her "Tisay", but the my niece called her Pinky, because she has a pink nose.