Friday, May 16, 2014

My Favorite Outfit on Warm Days

Oh yeah, I love wearing sexy dresses since I was a teenager. When I was very young, I can wear sexy tops, sexy dresses even if it was a rainy season. Of all my lady cousins, it was me; it is only me, who wears dresses like on the photos below. But now, since I am not young anymore, although I still feel and act like a young woman (Lol), I cannot bear to wear sexy dresses or tops on rainy seasons. It is simply because, my body cannot endure a coldness anymore. I can only wear them on hot summer days or warm days. Anyhow, maybe some of you saw these photos already because I have posted them on my Facebook account. The first photo was also my profile pic on Facebook. I love looking at them, because I know, time will come, whether I like it or not, I cannot wear dresses, or sexy tops anymore. I have to wear clothes that are appropriate to my age.

Summer Dress

Summer Outfit