Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Brownout or Blackout

For a couple of weeks now, we are all not happy with this rotating brownout or blackout. The Davao Light Power Company actually issued the schedule for brownout in every barangay. Unfortunately, this schedule has not been followed these past few days, and the worst part is, the brownout took longer and sometimes, there will be three brownouts in a day.

I hate it when it is gone during cooking time because I am using an electric stove, a rice cooker, and an electric water pot for coffee in the morning. I also don’t like it when it is gone at night, especially when we are on the bed already. And according to the news report, this electric shortage will experience until in the next few months because of El Nino. There will be no rain for months, and so we need to save our electricity because we are using hydroelectric power plant. In addition to that, since there’s no rain, the weather here is so freaking hot, as if you were inside the oven. As for today, we have 34 degrees. If only swimming pool, river, waterfalls are near, I would surely go there and jump into the blue cold water.