Friday, May 30, 2014

Back To School

That’s right, my youngest son and niece will go back to school on Monday. Good bye summer vacation, welcome back school. And these two kids are not yet ready to go to school. They are not even excited to see their old classmates. If only they could ask for more days to stay at home and play all day, then they would.

Anyhow, we don’t shop yet for their school stuffs because I am still waiting for the teachers to post or to give us the required school things like notebooks, books and more. So, on Monday, they will just bring one notebook, paper and pen only. We will wait for the teacher’s instruction before we shop.

I am actually happy that I don’t need to shop for school things right now because I have planned to shop at the grocery store this afternoon. I need to shop for food for their lunch box and snacks for the whole week. No junk food as the school didn't allow the pupils to bring junk food at the school. And then on Monday, after getting all the school requirements, we can go to the bookstore right after the school time. I wish there are only few requirements this time, since they are not small kids anymore. I know my budget is so tight, and I don’t like the idea on applying a loan or use a credit card when shopping for school requirements.