Tuesday, April 15, 2014

No Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday, but we didn’t celebrate her birthday because it was also the burial of my mom’s brother-in-law. We’re just neighbors, so all the family and relatives were at my aunt’s home because my uncle’s wake was at their home. At 12:00 o’clock, my late uncle was sent to his final resting place. It was really the saddest day of my aunt and cousins.

My late uncle was diagnosed with a liver cancer, and it complicated with his kidney sometime in August and September, last year. He supposed to undergo a surgery, but the doctor told my aunt that even if my uncle undergoes a surgery, he cannot survive the surgery because he is old already, and his body is weak.

So, the family, even my uncle wanted to go home and will wait until he dies. So, he was bedridden for two months, and then he bid goodbye to his family. Fortunately, he was able to see his siblings before he dies. According to my cousin, he smiled when he saw his siblings because they were living in another city. Anyhow, to my uncle, may you rest in peace. You will be remembered forever.