Friday, March 14, 2014

Working Out of the House

I was so busy these past few days. Uh! Oh! It was not with my online work. I have temporary work from the outside world of blogging. I am helping a European National friend on his problem regarding the investment he made here in Davao City four years ago. As of this moment, we already have an advice from a lawyer, so we are now trying to get some legal papers or documents that we needed to pursue this matter to the court.

It has been a long time now since I work outside our home, and I was a little uneasy because I usually took a morning nap after my son goes to school. However, this time, I can’t took a morning nap because I have to pick up my friend from the place he stayed and then we off to the places where we needed to go. I hope, and I wish that my friend will get a positive result in this case. It is so shameful that there is a foreigner who became a victim of fraud, or swindling from a Filipina, who happens to be a resident of Davao City.