Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Final Examination

Today is my son’s second day of final examination. I am not nervous because I know he studied his lessons very well, so I know he would make it again. I am not expecting him to be on top, but hoping not on the last. Anyhow, today is my nephew’s 6th birthday. We were informed that they will have a little party at their home, but we can’t go because of my son’s final examination. I wish their home is close to us, unfortunately, they are far from us. So, probably, we will visit them if it is school vacation already. I have not seen my nephew and niece for a while now. If I could remember it correctly, the last time they came and slept over was in September last year. Gladly, their mother has a Facebook account. I can still see them through photos on Facebook.

To my son, good luck on your final exams. I trust you my son. I know you can make it again. And to my chubby, cutiepie nephew, Happy, Happy Birthday to you. May you have many more cakes to slice and ice cream to lick. I miss you my little ones.