My Mom's Visitor in the Garden

A few days ago, my mom was working in her little garden. She trimmed some of the dried leaves, and she also cut the long grasses. My niece was beside her trying to help a little. I could hear them talking while they were working. A moment later, my niece screamed on top of her lungs. My mom asked what was it, why she screamed? My niece replied and pointed the plant saying that there was a snake hiding under it. My mom was scared, and she pulled my niece while calling my father. When father checked the plant, there was no snake, instead he found this dark caterpillar. My father showed it to my niece, and he asked if that's what she saw. My niece said, yes it was. They both laughed at my niece. So, father put the caterpillar on top of the tin laundry table. I was looking at it, and it looks like a snake because of the color. And so, I ran inside the house to get my camera. I wonder if this caterpillar will become a beautiful butterfly.



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