Monday, February 3, 2014

Beautiful Day and My Wild Orchids

It’s Monday and it’s a beautiful day today. The sun shines this morning with full of energy. It was not a dull morning like the previous mornings when typhoon Basyang was still in the country. I am glad that she was gone for two days now, and my Internet connection has been doing well since yesterday. If you are my friend on Facebook, you could read on my wall about how I was so irritated with my Internet connection. And yesterday, when I opened the computer, I thought my connection was still the same, but to my surprised, it runs so fast, and I could even open four windows at the same time.

Beutiful Day

Since it was Sunday, so the kids were at home. My son played on his tablet, while my niece was playing on her android cell phone. The three of us were using the Internet without a problem. I thought I would go to another communication company to change my Internet Service Provider, but I have changed my mind not to continue because the connection is good and when I checked the speed of my connection, it was 1.68 Mbps. My subscription plan is 2 Mbps, so I guess the company is trying to provide a good service to me, but due to the bad weather, they cannot control the circumstances. I wish I wouldn’t have any problems anymore with my Internet connection. But for sure this is impossible because I am using a wireless modem. So, when the weather is bad, the connection is also bad.

Wild Orchids