Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Package Has Arrived

I have been waiting for this package for a month now, and finally; it arrives only today. I was happy when my father called me, and told me that I have a package delivered outside. So, I hurriedly went out the gate. It was actually our neighbor who delivered the package because he is working at the post office here in our place. I asked him if the package came from Germany, and he said "yes". After signing the receipt, he gave me the package. I was so excited to open it, even if I knew what's inside the box. My son was not yet home when it was delivered, so I immediately open it because I just want to hide the two caps from him. Haha So, after opening it, I put the caps in my closest right away. I so love the caps. Anyway, I will write the details of the cap on my other blog.

So, here are the contents of the box. A black and red caps with a logo Football Club Bayern, Munchen.

And the book: A German Self-Study Course for Beginners. Yes, that's right. I am studying a German language now. So, wish me luck.