Monday, January 6, 2014

Goodbye School Break, Welcome Back School Days

If you could only see the faces of the two kids here at home last night, you would surely laugh at them. They were not happy that they need to go to bed early so they could get up early the next morning because Monday is the first day of school. School break has been ended, but they wanted more school vacations. Haha. Unfortunately, they cannot do anything but to go to school, otherwise they will go back to the same level or grade by the next school year if they don't finish this school year.

Anyhow, I expected that we will have an early argument again just like we usually had when it is school days, but to my surprised, Janjan got up on his bed with a smile, and he asked if he has hot water already for his bath. I told him the bathroom was ready, and he can now go to shower. He went into the bathroom and took the shower. After taking a bath, he wore his school uniform, and then he ate his breakfast.

I never heard his mouth mumbling while doing his morning tasks like fixing his bed, bathing, changing clothes, eating, brushing teeth, and the last is wearing his shoes. I don’t know if he is excited to go to school today, or not. Even so, I was happy that our first day of school was fine. No arguments, no mumbling, and they left at home for school like ordinary school days. I am certain that when they come back, they surely have assignments from different subjects. Wish me luck then that we will not fight for it. lol

These photos were taken last Christmas Holiday. It was taken at SM City Mall, Ecoland.

My naughty son named Janjan.

Janjan and Melmel (niece) with their naughty faces.