Saturday, January 4, 2014

Back To School on Monday

Yes! The school will resume on Monday, and the two kids here at home are not happy for this. If they could only stop the clock, they would. But they have nothing to do except to prepare all their school things starting today. I asked them to check their notebooks about school assignments, or projects. I could hear my niece murmuring while checking her school bag. She’s not really happy with it. I told her that if she does not go to school on Monday, the teacher will not accept her anymore, and with that, she will go back to Grade 3. I got no answer when I told this to her. Janjan, on the other hand, has done checking his notes. His bag is set; the school shoes are clean, school uniforms are pressed, and I guess everything is prepared. Well, they still have two days more to play with their tablets or playstation, but on Sunday night, they must go to bed early.

Here's Janjan and Melmel (my niece) after eating at Jollibee.