Thursday, December 12, 2013

He is now a full member of the Catholic Church

Today was the special day for my son. We woke up early this morning, but we did not go to school. We went to the church because he has to receive the Confirmation Sacrament as a Catholic. For Catholic, the Confirmation will usually be given to children ages 12 years old and above. The Confirmation rites would usually do by a Bishop, but due to the health condition of the current Bishop here in our place, he assigned a priest to perform the rite of Confirmation.

Anyway, after the said Confirmation rites, we headed to the mall together with my son’s classmates and their mothers. We dined in a restaurant, and the kids had so much fun after we dined because they went to the arcade which is located on the 3rd floor of the mall. We waited for them at the restaurant, so I also had time to bond with the other parents. We talked about the Christmas party of our sons, the gifts to give to them, and the gifts that they will bring for the exchange gift. We left the mall at noon, and then we headed home. Anyway, below are the photos today.

My son while receiving the blessings and the confirmation.

Inside the restaurant while waiting for our orders.

Me and the parents of my son's classmates.

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