Thursday, December 5, 2013


I was sitting in front of the computer yesterday morning when suddenly, my computer chair was shaking. I thought I was just dizzy because I had a short sleep the previous night. But then, the shaking becomes stronger, and I have confirmed that it was an earthquake. I ran outside the house and I just left the laptop open. I heard people yelling, and they went outside of their homes too.

The clothesline in the yard was swinging from left to right. Our Christmas tree was also swinging, and some of the Christmas balls dropped on the floor. I was so nervous because my son was at school. I was worried because their classroom is an old building, and they are on the second floor.

It was just a quick earthquake, but it reached to 5.7 magnitudes. We are just lucky because it was not as bad as in Bohol and Cebu when the earthquake struck on these places.

I was relieved when one of the teachers at my son’s school posted on her timeline on Facebook that all pupils managed to go to the open space or ground of the school.

I have heard from the news that the epicenter of the earthquake was in Mati, Davao Oriental, which is quite far from the place I live. Even so, this earthquake really made me nervous. I had a bad thought about this earthquake. Probably, it is because of what had been happening in our country this last quarter of the year.

The earthquake in Cebu and Bohol was horrible, and then two weeks after the killer earthquake, the strongest typhoon struck in Visayas that took hundreds of lives. I hope and pray that this happening would never be happened again.