Monday, December 23, 2013

Balut - Pinoy's Favorite Treat

Most Filipinos love balut but I don't. This balut is from the duck egg. However, these eggs were meant to become a balut because the duck farm owner will just wait until 16, 17 or 18 days from the day they were laid in the duck cage. They say that when you eat balut, it gives you more energy, which is why most men eat this kind of egg with embryo inside. The 16-day-old egg has a very small embryo, and it is still wrap on a white part of the egg. The 17-day-old egg has it's duck form already, and it has no feather yet, but the 18-day-old egg has small feathers, and the beak is now visible. The photo below is only 17-day-old egg, so there was no feather yet.

So, here's my son, cracking a little hole on the egg because there is a little water inside, and you just add a pinch of salt or a little drops of vinegar and your done.

After sipping the water/soupy inside, he cracked more shells so it will show the yellow part plus the embryo.

He bit a little so you can see the inner part of the embryo. Naughty son.

And here's Janjan, my son, enjoying the taste of the balut. Want some? lol