Monday, December 23, 2013

Balut - Pinoy's Favorite Treat

Most Filipinos love balut but I don't. This balut is from the duck egg. However, these eggs were meant to become a balut because the duck farm owner will just wait until 16, 17 or 18 days from the day they were laid in the duck cage. They say that when you eat balut, it gives you more energy, which is why most men eat this kind of egg with embryo inside. The 16-day-old egg has a very small embryo, and it is still wrap on a white part of the egg. The 17-day-old egg has it's duck form already, and it has no feather yet, but the 18-day-old egg has small feathers, and the beak is now visible. The photo below is only 17-day-old egg, so there was no feather yet.

So, here's my son, cracking a little hole on the egg because there is a little water inside, and you just add a pinch of salt or a little drops of vinegar and your done.

After sipping the water/soupy inside, he cracked more shells so it will show the yellow part plus the embryo.

He bit a little so you can see the inner part of the embryo. Naughty son.

And here's Janjan, my son, enjoying the taste of the balut. Want some? lol

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

At Queensland Baywalk Park

A few nights ago, the kids wanted to play their roller shoes. It has been a while since the last time they played the roller shoes. And since it was the school break already, I allowed them to play with it at Queensland Baywalk Park, which is not far from home. So, after eating our dinner on that evening, we headed to the Baywalk. My brother sent us to the park, and then he left. I told him to pick us up around 10:00 in the evening. I never forgot to bring the camera for I know there were lots to see at the park, especially at night. So, here are some of the photos that I took that night.

Below is my son and niece

They started to run with their roller shoes on.

Me, while watching them playing, running around.

It was my son who took these photos fro me.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

He is now a full member of the Catholic Church

Today was the special day for my son. We woke up early this morning, but we did not go to school. We went to the church because he has to receive the Confirmation Sacrament as a Catholic. For Catholic, the Confirmation will usually be given to children ages 12 years old and above. The Confirmation rites would usually do by a Bishop, but due to the health condition of the current Bishop here in our place, he assigned a priest to perform the rite of Confirmation.

Anyway, after the said Confirmation rites, we headed to the mall together with my son’s classmates and their mothers. We dined in a restaurant, and the kids had so much fun after we dined because they went to the arcade which is located on the 3rd floor of the mall. We waited for them at the restaurant, so I also had time to bond with the other parents. We talked about the Christmas party of our sons, the gifts to give to them, and the gifts that they will bring for the exchange gift. We left the mall at noon, and then we headed home. Anyway, below are the photos today.

My son while receiving the blessings and the confirmation.

Inside the restaurant while waiting for our orders.

Me and the parents of my son's classmates.

#347/365 BPC

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Miss Venezuela was crowned as Miss Earth 2013

I know this is late news about the Miss Earth 2013. The coronation night was held last Saturday night here in the Philippines. I was not able to watch the show because I was busy working on my lost blogs. I have mentioned it on my previous post. You can click the details here.

Anyway, I first heard that Miss Venezuela won the title on Facebook. It was one of my friends who posted about this prestigious beauty pageant. Miss Philippines didn’t make it to the top, but at least she did all her best. There were 80 participants from different countries and being on the top 8 was already impressive for me.

Anyhow, here are the tasks assigned of each winner. I got this from Yahoo news.

Miss Venezuela Alyz Henrich thinks people “need to be aware and to take care of Mother Earth”. She was crowned then by 2012 Miss Earth Tereza Fajksov√° of the Czech Republic.

Miss Korea Catharina Choi was named Miss Earth Fire, and her job is to promote the sustenance of forest wildlife and natural resources.

The Miss Earth Water title went to Miss Thailand Punika Kulsoontornrut, whose task is to promote the preservation of marine ecosystems and conservation of water supplies.

Miss Austria Katia Wagner was proclaimed Miss Earth Air, and she will work at keeping the air clean for the current and future generations.

While they were in the Philippines, the Miss Earth candidates cheered up victims of super typhoon Yolanda, planted trees and toured the country as earth ambassadors.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Blogs on Wordpress are Live Again

For the past few days, I was so depressed because of my blogs in Wordpress. Six of my blogs were down because of the server. I bought my hosting from a reseller and not direct to the company. I had been using her service for almost three years, and never encountered a problem like this. I was in panicked when it was down because I have business on that blogs. I earned money from those blogs.

Well, it was not only me who got panicked. All of us who are under with her service were so disappointed, and we can’t do anything but to wait for her to fix our blogs. In addition to that, it was hard to communicate with her because of our time difference. She is living in the USA, and I am here in the Philippines. She sleeps when we are awake, and vice versa. And because of this, I patiently waited for her for one whole night, and I even posted on my Facebook wall that I need a big bucket of coffee for I don’t have planned to sleep that night.

And last night, (Saturday) I supposed to watch on TV the coronation night of Miss Earth 2013, which was held here in the Philippines, but my host provider contacted me, and she said, she started making me a new cpanel. It was like music to my ears when I heard this. I was so happy because I can now see my blogs.

I have waited for a couple of hours and finally she told me to install all my blogs on my cpanel. The good thing is, I have exported the xml files of each blogs from Wordpress, and I saved it to my computer. She gave me instructions on how to do it. I am not a computer geek, but with her help, I did it successfully. The only problem is I can no longer retrieve the sidebar links from the advertisers who pay me monthly. I lost them all. So, it means, no more money every month from them.

Anyhow, I am still happy that my blogs on Wordpress are now live, even though, I also lost the template which I bought from a friend. Now, I have to work on it like installing another template that fits to each niche. I am actually so tired now, but this is where I get money, so I have to work for it.

Anyway, thank you so much Ma Belle for helping us to get back our blogs in the World Wide Web. Thank you for your generous time.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


I was sitting in front of the computer yesterday morning when suddenly, my computer chair was shaking. I thought I was just dizzy because I had a short sleep the previous night. But then, the shaking becomes stronger, and I have confirmed that it was an earthquake. I ran outside the house and I just left the laptop open. I heard people yelling, and they went outside of their homes too.

The clothesline in the yard was swinging from left to right. Our Christmas tree was also swinging, and some of the Christmas balls dropped on the floor. I was so nervous because my son was at school. I was worried because their classroom is an old building, and they are on the second floor.

It was just a quick earthquake, but it reached to 5.7 magnitudes. We are just lucky because it was not as bad as in Bohol and Cebu when the earthquake struck on these places.

I was relieved when one of the teachers at my son’s school posted on her timeline on Facebook that all pupils managed to go to the open space or ground of the school.

I have heard from the news that the epicenter of the earthquake was in Mati, Davao Oriental, which is quite far from the place I live. Even so, this earthquake really made me nervous. I had a bad thought about this earthquake. Probably, it is because of what had been happening in our country this last quarter of the year.

The earthquake in Cebu and Bohol was horrible, and then two weeks after the killer earthquake, the strongest typhoon struck in Visayas that took hundreds of lives. I hope and pray that this happening would never be happened again.