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Appreciating Life To The Fullest

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

And today, is my golden year of existence on this planet. I had so many bad experiences in life, but no one could tell that I had been experiencing imperfect life. Probably, I was a good pretender, or maybe, I don’t entertain my old pain, but no. In every event of my life, both bad and good, I always appreciated it, because it means that I am human, that is why I got hurt; I was happy, and there is someone UP there watching over me. I made a lot of mistakes, but I am eager to correct it. I wish the one living UP there will give me another golden year. Hahaha.

Hygiene Kit Campaign for Yolanda "Haiyan" Victims

The devastation caused by the typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has affected not only a few cities and houses in the Philippines but the majority of the Visayas region where the death counts has now reached thousands and number of families affected now millions.
A conscious effort is now being undertaken by the Davao Bloggers Society and Filipino Bloggers Forum to join the relief operations by raising a total of P100,000.00 to finance and produce 1,000 hygiene packs for the victims. Each kit costing to PHP100 or USD2.50 will contain toiletries and other essential goods for a week's use of one person. Hygiene kits were chosen to be donated as this is something that is not yet prioritized by many donors.

Each kit will contain the following:
For MALES – Total Cost: PhP95.60
•60g Soap •Weekly pack Shampoo – 8 sachets x 4 mL each •3 packs of 30 g Toothpaste •Toothbrush •40 Pulls Pop Up Tissue •10 g Cotton •75 mL Alcohol •2 x 3 mL Deolotion •12 mL Insect repellant •Resealable Zip Bag

How to Keep The Peace

Okay, let us face the fact that everybody is human. Everybody can "lose it" at one point or another when tired, provoked, or irritable. Sometimes, though, you can avoid someone from "tilting" emotionally or even having a full blown tantrum by telling or doing just the right thing.

I guess it is better to express anger than hiding it to yourself. Dissent and conflict can be a good thing. However, sometimes a well-placed word, an offer of help or just even a validation that there is a problem can keep a minor dispute from escalating into World War III.

According to my horoscope, which is Sagittarius, this sign likes to debate and if you are not careful, you can end up in an argument that lasts for several hours with him or her. I absolutely disagree. I am so quiet person and don’t like arguments. If somebody who is not in the mood or feeling irritated, the best thing to do is to simply escape the scene before the Archer can engage you in a verbal battle.