Thursday, October 24, 2013

So Lazy To Update This Blog

Honestly, I feel so lazy updating this blog since Mr. Google took away the page rank. It was like a bomb to my eyes when I saw the “0”. It has a good PR for years. At first, Google gave me PR1, and on the next update, Mr. Google gave me PR2. I was so happy and inspired to blog more because I thought I have done a good job on this blog.

After a year, I got PR3 on this blog, and I was able to maintain that PRs for a year I guess. And since the PR was good, I had so many opportunities on this blog. It was indeed happy times for me. However, the powerful Google took away the PR3 and replaced it with PR2. I was actually disappointed when it went down to PR2. And there was an update again a few months ago, and this blog of mine totally lost the PR. I have tried to check why I lost the PR, and I found out that I have 20,000 plus spammers on my comment page. In addition to that, I also have plenty of unnatural outbound links. So, these are the reasons why I lost my PR. It was my entire fault.

Anyway, I have been cleaning this blog since the PR has been gone. Spammers were all deleted, and I also deleted all the outbound links from 2011 downwards. I wish Google will give back my PR again. I have heard that there will be no PR update for this year because of this new Google algorithm called Hummingbird.