Wednesday, October 16, 2013

No Classes Today

We woke up late because my son has no school today. His teacher announced it to them yesterday that they don’t have classes today, because she has an appointment with the District Office. So, last night, I let him play his tablet and went to bed so late too. Since, his younger cousin knew that he has no school today; she asked her father if she could be absent from the class today, and her father allowed her, so last night, they both played their tablet at my niece’s room.

I don’t allow them to play here inside our bedroom because they are so noisy when playing. Sometimes, they just play music on the tablet, but they will sing along and that’s made them very noisy. Anyway, it is still early in the afternoon, so I still have time to go to a grocery store. There are lots of missing items in the kitchen. But I won’t tag my son. It is not good if I will tag him to the grocery store because he will also pick up his, and the bad thing is, he will pick up junk foods.