Sunday, October 20, 2013

Me time? It might Be Postponed.

It is Sunday today, and I was planning last night to have my manicure and pedicure today. However, it seems like it won’t happened, because my son’s little cousins came over this morning, and nobody will watch them if I go out. I am waiting for my brother to come home early so I could go to the salon, and I will just bring them food when I come back. It is lunch time now, but he is still not here. Anyway, if I can’t go out and do my nails at the salon, I would surely do it by tomorrow after our lunch. For the meantime, I have to look for something they could eat for their snacks. I know these kids will look for a food any time soon. I was thinking to buy a bananaque, or I will make pancakes to them. Well, I will go now in the kitchen. Let’s see what I can prepare for their snacks.