Thursday, October 31, 2013

Goodbye October, Hello November

Another month has come to an end, and tomorrow, the 1st day of November, I expected a heavy traffic on the way going to Bankerohan because this is the only way to go to the Davao Memorial Park. My parents-in-law were both laying to rest in that cemetery, but I will just visit their graves after the holiday.

Anyway, today is my due date for my internet connection, and I feel don’t like to pay it because of the services they provided. I have a very slow internet connection, especially if the weather is not good. I asked some of my friends who have the same ISP, and they also have the same story with me. I have been waiting for the wired Internet connection; unfortunately, there is no line in this area where I live. I wish, by early next year, the other company that has wired connection will install a line here in our place. I am sure; lots of us will change or transfer our Internet connection to this company.