Monday, October 28, 2013

Barangay Elections, 2013

All Filipinos today will go out from their home if they wanted to do their duty as a citizen of this country. Today, October 28, 2013 is our Barangay Election. The election shall elect the Punong Barangay, commonly known as barangay captains, whose terms start on November 30, 2013. Barangays are the smallest local government unit in the Philippines.

Anyway, there will be no barangay election in Zamboanga City and Bohol. However, they have special elections on November 25, or five days before the terms of incumbents expire. It was announced by the Commission on Elections to postpone the elections in Zamboanga City as the city was still reeling from the effects of the Zamboanga City crisis and of massive flood. On the aftermath of the 2013 Bohol earthquake, Chairman Sixto Brillantes announced on October 21 that the commission also postponed the elections in the entire province of Bohol.

By the way, I voted late today to ensure that there will be no long lines anymore. So, good luck to all candidates, and hoping to get the results as early as possible.