Thursday, October 31, 2013

Goodbye October, Hello November

Another month has come to an end, and tomorrow, the 1st day of November, I expected a heavy traffic on the way going to Bankerohan because this is the only way to go to the Davao Memorial Park. My parents-in-law were both laying to rest in that cemetery, but I will just visit their graves after the holiday.

Anyway, today is my due date for my internet connection, and I feel don’t like to pay it because of the services they provided. I have a very slow internet connection, especially if the weather is not good. I asked some of my friends who have the same ISP, and they also have the same story with me. I have been waiting for the wired Internet connection; unfortunately, there is no line in this area where I live. I wish, by early next year, the other company that has wired connection will install a line here in our place. I am sure; lots of us will change or transfer our Internet connection to this company.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Barangay Elections, 2013

All Filipinos today will go out from their home if they wanted to do their duty as a citizen of this country. Today, October 28, 2013 is our Barangay Election. The election shall elect the Punong Barangay, commonly known as barangay captains, whose terms start on November 30, 2013. Barangays are the smallest local government unit in the Philippines.

Anyway, there will be no barangay election in Zamboanga City and Bohol. However, they have special elections on November 25, or five days before the terms of incumbents expire. It was announced by the Commission on Elections to postpone the elections in Zamboanga City as the city was still reeling from the effects of the Zamboanga City crisis and of massive flood. On the aftermath of the 2013 Bohol earthquake, Chairman Sixto Brillantes announced on October 21 that the commission also postponed the elections in the entire province of Bohol.

By the way, I voted late today to ensure that there will be no long lines anymore. So, good luck to all candidates, and hoping to get the results as early as possible.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

So Lazy To Update This Blog

Honestly, I feel so lazy updating this blog since Mr. Google took away the page rank. It was like a bomb to my eyes when I saw the “0”. It has a good PR for years. At first, Google gave me PR1, and on the next update, Mr. Google gave me PR2. I was so happy and inspired to blog more because I thought I have done a good job on this blog.

After a year, I got PR3 on this blog, and I was able to maintain that PRs for a year I guess. And since the PR was good, I had so many opportunities on this blog. It was indeed happy times for me. However, the powerful Google took away the PR3 and replaced it with PR2. I was actually disappointed when it went down to PR2. And there was an update again a few months ago, and this blog of mine totally lost the PR. I have tried to check why I lost the PR, and I found out that I have 20,000 plus spammers on my comment page. In addition to that, I also have plenty of unnatural outbound links. So, these are the reasons why I lost my PR. It was my entire fault.

Anyway, I have been cleaning this blog since the PR has been gone. Spammers were all deleted, and I also deleted all the outbound links from 2011 downwards. I wish Google will give back my PR again. I have heard that there will be no PR update for this year because of this new Google algorithm called Hummingbird.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Me time? It might Be Postponed.

It is Sunday today, and I was planning last night to have my manicure and pedicure today. However, it seems like it won’t happened, because my son’s little cousins came over this morning, and nobody will watch them if I go out. I am waiting for my brother to come home early so I could go to the salon, and I will just bring them food when I come back. It is lunch time now, but he is still not here. Anyway, if I can’t go out and do my nails at the salon, I would surely do it by tomorrow after our lunch. For the meantime, I have to look for something they could eat for their snacks. I know these kids will look for a food any time soon. I was thinking to buy a bananaque, or I will make pancakes to them. Well, I will go now in the kitchen. Let’s see what I can prepare for their snacks.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

No Classes Today

We woke up late because my son has no school today. His teacher announced it to them yesterday that they don’t have classes today, because she has an appointment with the District Office. So, last night, I let him play his tablet and went to bed so late too. Since, his younger cousin knew that he has no school today; she asked her father if she could be absent from the class today, and her father allowed her, so last night, they both played their tablet at my niece’s room.

I don’t allow them to play here inside our bedroom because they are so noisy when playing. Sometimes, they just play music on the tablet, but they will sing along and that’s made them very noisy. Anyway, it is still early in the afternoon, so I still have time to go to a grocery store. There are lots of missing items in the kitchen. But I won’t tag my son. It is not good if I will tag him to the grocery store because he will also pick up his, and the bad thing is, he will pick up junk foods.

Friday, October 11, 2013

We will visit them

Yeah, right. We will go to my son's cousins. There is no occasion but my son missed his cousins, so we will be visiting them tomorrow morning, so they could play all day. If I am not mistaken, the last time we visited them was last month. My SIL kept on asking me when we can visit them again, but I don't have time to send my son to their house. And since, I am free tomorrow, I called my SIL that we will go to their home in the morning. The kids were very happy when they heard that Janjan will be there tomorrow. myspace graphic comments

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

When was the last time you visited the Luneta Park?

Honestly, I couldn't remember the last time I was there at Luneta Park also known as Rizal Park. I guess it was almost a decade ago when I visited the park. For people who came from the province, especially if it is their first time to come in Manila, as much as possible, they don’t want to miss visiting this place. That is why, when my nephew and I went to Manila two weeks ago, I asked him if he would like to visit Luneta, of course the answer was a big YES. He was so excited to see the place in real. We actually went there after we finished his Pre-departure Orientation Seminar.

 Lapu-lapu Monument

The weather was a bit gloomy when we got there. We took many photos at the park. Actually, the park has improved a lot. The Philippine map on the water or pool is more attractive than before. They added some lights at the side of the pool. Plus they put a little bridge on the center of the pool so that the viewers could view the other parts of the map.

Philippine Map on the water

After taking some photos on the map, we walked further until we reached the huge statue of Lapu-lapu which I think the latest attraction of the park. I just don’t know when the statue has been built because it wasn’t there the last time I visited Luneta. We also took pictures of the statue, and then we walked again. My feet were so tired walking even if I wore flat sandals. But because of my nephew, I endured the tiredness of my feet. We continued walking until we reached the highlight of the park, the statue of Jose Rizal, our national hero.

Jose Rizal Monument

There are small parks inside the Luneta parks like Japanese park, Chinese park, but we were not able to get inside because we were so tired already, plus the weather was not cooperating and we don’t have umbrella.

There were constructions ongoing near from the statue or monument of Jose Rizal, but I have no idea what kind of entertainment they wanted to build. Anyway, These are the photos when my nephew and I went to Luneta Park in Manila.

My nephew