Thursday, September 19, 2013

Moving House? 3 Ways to Sort through Old Furniture

Moving is always a challenging time, but perhaps one of the most perplexing issues we face is what to do with all our furniture. We begin to try and imagine our old furniture in our new space. Will it fit? Where will we position it? What was perfect in our old home may not work in the new residence.

There are a few simple tips to help you through this process. It is easy to get stressed and emotional when faced with moving, so following these common-sense suggestions can really help you wade through the murky waters of moving.

There will be furniture you take and probably furniture you shouldn’t take. If this notion fills you with dread and separation anxiety, just remember you are in control of the decision making process! And if there is furniture you can’t fit into your new home but can’t bear to part with, then storage is an easy option. Visit and find out how simple, cost-effective and safe this option can be.

Don’t Take the Broken Bits

This may seem an obvious point, yet many people drag broken furniture with them into their new home. This has a negative effect on your new start as the old and broken and frustrating comes with you.
Here’s the thing: if you really want to take something with you that is currently broken, fix it before you pack. If you are truly attached to something then take the time and effort to have it repaired. If you cannot find motivation to do this, then it really isn’t that vital to your future happiness.

Measure It!

Some of us are gifted with genius proportions of the power of estimation, but for the average individual it is nigh on impossible to accurately plan where everything will fit in a new home. The best thing you can arm yourself with is the humble tape measure. Measure your furniture, height, width and breadth; make notes and even create simple diagrams. Take your notes to your new home, along with said tape measure, and some chalk or tape to use as markers, and literally measure up and mark out where everything will go.
You will very quickly get an accurate idea of what will and will not fit. And moving will be so much less stressful with all the placements already decided.

The Importance of Themes

Theming a home or a room can help immensely when deciding what old furniture to bring to your new home. Depending on wall colour, outlook and pure personal choice, decide on a theme for your room and bring the pieces of furniture that fit within it. If you are going for a shabby chic look you don’t bring the chrome. If you are after an exotic Balinese feel, you don’t bring the vinyl lounge, unless you add an interesting throw to cover it. Think about a theme and bring the furniture that fits. Enjoy your new home!