Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dead Bat Up on the Tree

My son was yelling when he spotted this bat hanging upside down up on the tree. At first glance, it looks like the bat was just sleeping because it was daytime. My eldest son tried to disturb the bat by moving the branches of the tree, but when this scary creature didn’t move, my eldest son told us that the bat was already dead. My mom asked him to take down the bat because it will definitely create a foul smell.

So, here’s the photo of the bat while still hanging up on the tree. We had no idea why this creepy thing died on the tree.

And here’s the photo of the bat after taking down on the tree. My niece was so scared, but my son calmed her, and told her that it was already dead.

Bats are small nocturnal flying mammal with leathery wings stretching from the forelimbs to the rear legs and tail. Bats eat fruit or insects, usually hang upside down when resting, and often use echolocation to detect prey and to navigate.