Monday, August 26, 2013

Orchids …the symbol of love and beauty.

When mom had a little garden here in our home, she had a variety of orchids. But when we renovated our house, the little garden was gone because we extended the floor area of the house. Now I missed those flowers in the garden. Anyway, if you have planned to plant an orchid, I would suggest buying an orchid that has a flower already because the newly plant or a small plant will not give you flowers right away even if you properly take care of it. It will take few years before it will give you flowers.

In addition to that, some sellers would not tell you the real variety of the orchid if it is still a baby. Sometimes they just assume the color of the orchid. So, it is better to buy with flowers already. Anyhow, here are the varieties of orchids which I took a few days ago.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wild Flowers

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.” 
By: GĂ©rard de Nerval 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dead Bat Up on the Tree

My son was yelling when he spotted this bat hanging upside down up on the tree. At first glance, it looks like the bat was just sleeping because it was daytime. My eldest son tried to disturb the bat by moving the branches of the tree, but when this scary creature didn’t move, my eldest son told us that the bat was already dead. My mom asked him to take down the bat because it will definitely create a foul smell.

So, here’s the photo of the bat while still hanging up on the tree. We had no idea why this creepy thing died on the tree.

And here’s the photo of the bat after taking down on the tree. My niece was so scared, but my son calmed her, and told her that it was already dead.

Bats are small nocturnal flying mammal with leathery wings stretching from the forelimbs to the rear legs and tail. Bats eat fruit or insects, usually hang upside down when resting, and often use echolocation to detect prey and to navigate.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Binary Options, a Fun and Exciting Way

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Aside from those, the website also shares ideas and insights on how you could get success in the field. What more to look for?

Friday, August 2, 2013

Regular Exercise is Hard

Many people find exercise to be the one of their weaknesses. If they work long hours or have many commitments, exercise will often take a back seat in their lives.

I have been trying to make an appointment on my small note to exercise either at home or at the nearby gym, but I always broke my promises to myself, and reading my note was just like reading without understanding the importance of the note. I am not a member of any gym here in our place, but they accept walk-in clients, and you will just have to pay per hour basis regardless of what type of the equipment you wanted to use.

Anyway, walking, running and many other solitary exercises are great for clearing your head. If your exercise time doubles as your private mind-clearing alone time, my friend said, that’s OK. We’re all under pressure and free time must often serve double duty. Hobbies can be exercise, too. Gardening, cycling, running around the garden with your children, walking in the part, even walking around the mall is exercise. That’s why I have planned to go the mall again, today.