Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Herbal Medication is still the Best

Thanks to God I feel a bit better now, although I am not yet completely healed from my cough. It has been a week since I got this annoying cough. It started actually with a runny nose, and then clogged nose. When it was gone after a couple of days, my throat started to dry and itchy until it became a dry cough. I took a medicine for cough but it just made me weaker every day, so I decided not to continue taking the medicine, instead I made a warm lemon juice because it helps to lessen the itchiness when it is warm.

My friends on Facebook advised me to try some herbal medication like lemon juice with honey, garlic with honey, ginger drink, and then there was a kalabo, oregano in English. I remember we have kalabo in our yard. So, I followed the instructions of my friend. I actually don’t like the taste, but the smell is good. In just a day, I feel better with the kalabo. So, the next day, I made kalabo extract again and drunk it right away. Yuck, but thanks to kalabo. My throat is clear now. No more itchiness, no more phlegm, and it is not dry anymore. I still cough but not too often.