Friday, June 7, 2013

Clogged Nose and Dry Cough

It has been three days now since I got this clogged nose and cough. At first, I took Neosep for my runny nose, but it wasn't effective. The runny nose becomes clogged nose, and it is really hard to sleep at night because I couldn't breathe properly. Well, luckily, I still have my mouth to use for breathing, and since I opened my mouth when I am sleeping, this is what I have got, a dry cough.

By the way, I am now taking Nafarin A, and so far; I feel better at the moment with my nose but not the cough. I just drink water and lemon juice every time I cough. I wish it will be gone soon, because it is really hard to work if you are not feeling well. In addition, the medicine I took makes me feel sicker. It started actually when I went out of the house late in the afternoon, and there was a little rain.I went out without the umbrella, so I was a little wet when I got home. On that evening, I started sneezing, and then it followed with teary eyed when I sneezed.

Note to self: Always bring an umbrella when there is a rain, even if it is just a little rain.