Friday, June 28, 2013

Be Mindful of Your Makeup

Like hair care and other organic products, natural or organic makeup may cost a little more than at a conventional store, but costs are comparable to other specialty lines. Some natural or organic makeup might be found in health-food stores or whole-food grocers, but a larger variety is available online. Many of the natural makeup lines rely on powder foundations as opposed to liquid to avoid ingredients that are more likely to cause irritation. Many companies that produce organic skin care products also carry hair care products. A benefit of organic shampoos and hair care products is the absence of synthetic surfactants. These chemicals can persist through wastewater treatment plants and septic systems to end up in ground and surface water.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Take Family Field Trips

Field trips can be a great way to expose kids to the wonders of the environment firsthand. To get the most out of the excursion, the location and length of a visit should be age-appropriate. Consider taking children to a science museum, particularly one that’s geared at least partially toward a child’s interest. Here, children are allowed to see, touch and even crawl on or climb through nature exhibits. Children and parents can walk through it, looking at geologic formations and searching for bats and other animals. Many museums also offer docents who lead tours, telling stories and providing information.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Android Tablet - My Son's Birthday Wish

This is my 11 year-old son’s wish for his birthday next month, an Android Tablet. He doesn't mind the brand, what is important to him is; he has this gadget, so he can download music, watch his Naruto on youtube, play online games and more. Sad to say, I don’t have a budget for this thing at the moment. Even if Groupon offers a good deal with this Itechie 9 inches Android Table right now, I still couldn't afford to buy it at the moment. I wish when money is ready, this tablet with nine inches long still available.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Herbal Medication is still the Best

Thanks to God I feel a bit better now, although I am not yet completely healed from my cough. It has been a week since I got this annoying cough. It started actually with a runny nose, and then clogged nose. When it was gone after a couple of days, my throat started to dry and itchy until it became a dry cough. I took a medicine for cough but it just made me weaker every day, so I decided not to continue taking the medicine, instead I made a warm lemon juice because it helps to lessen the itchiness when it is warm.

My friends on Facebook advised me to try some herbal medication like lemon juice with honey, garlic with honey, ginger drink, and then there was a kalabo, oregano in English. I remember we have kalabo in our yard. So, I followed the instructions of my friend. I actually don’t like the taste, but the smell is good. In just a day, I feel better with the kalabo. So, the next day, I made kalabo extract again and drunk it right away. Yuck, but thanks to kalabo. My throat is clear now. No more itchiness, no more phlegm, and it is not dry anymore. I still cough but not too often.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Clogged Nose and Dry Cough

It has been three days now since I got this clogged nose and cough. At first, I took Neosep for my runny nose, but it wasn't effective. The runny nose becomes clogged nose, and it is really hard to sleep at night because I couldn't breathe properly. Well, luckily, I still have my mouth to use for breathing, and since I opened my mouth when I am sleeping, this is what I have got, a dry cough.

By the way, I am now taking Nafarin A, and so far; I feel better at the moment with my nose but not the cough. I just drink water and lemon juice every time I cough. I wish it will be gone soon, because it is really hard to work if you are not feeling well. In addition, the medicine I took makes me feel sicker. It started actually when I went out of the house late in the afternoon, and there was a little rain.I went out without the umbrella, so I was a little wet when I got home. On that evening, I started sneezing, and then it followed with teary eyed when I sneezed.

Note to self: Always bring an umbrella when there is a rain, even if it is just a little rain.